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Pilot Training Specials

MQ-9 “Reaper”
Whiteman AFB, MO 
432nd Wing, 20th Attack Squadron

C-130H3 “Hercules” 93-1561
Charlotte Douglas International Airport, NC 
145th Airlift Wing, 156th Airlift Squadron

MQ-9B “Reaper”
Cannon AFB, NM 
3rd Special Operations Squadron, 27th Special Operations Wing

MQ-9A “Reaper” & MQ-1B “Predator”
Ali Al Salem Ab, Kuwait 
386th Air Expeditionary Wing, 46th Expeditionary Attack Squadron

F-15E “Strike Eagle”
Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC 
4th Fighter Wing, 4th Training Squadron

E-4B Nightwatch
Offutt AFB, NE 
595th Command & Control Group, 1st Airborne Command Control Squadron

F-35A "Lightning II"
Nellis AFB, NV 
USAF Weapons School, 6th Weapons Squadron

C-130J-30 “Super Hercules”
Little Rock AFB, AR 
61st Airlift Squadron, 19th Airlift Wing

KC-135R “Stratotanker”
Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC 
77th Aerial Refueling Squadron, 916th Aerial Refueling Wing

MQ-9 "Reaper"
Horsham AGS, PA 
111th Attack Wing, 103rd ATKS
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Bear Trap
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October 1943. Eastern front, Northern sector near Smolensk. Horst Petzschler's FW­190 of JG­51 covers Hans Rudel's Stuka attack against a Russian tank/truck convoy as it crosses a clearing in the forest. German tanks and anti-tank guns have also ambushed the convoy.

The Story

By the autumn of 1943 the eastern front was in a desperate predicament for Germany. Crippled with a Fuhrer who insisted upon making battle plans with a disregard for his generals' warnings, the German army endured unbelievable hardships. In addition to facing another brutal Russian winter, battling on two fronts was draining her ability to combat her foe to the east. Russia, supported by bustling war factories safe in the Ural Mountains, had allies who were sending war materials to her growing army and air forces. The tide of battle had taken a bad turn for the Wehrmacht. But despite the mounting pressure and defeats, the Germans put up a stiff resistance as they retreated further west toward their homeland. The superior training, from Field Marshall on down to the regular foot soldier, allowed the Germans to withdraw in an orderly fashion across natural obstacles that otherwise could have proved disastrous. Supported by an overtaxed Lufwaffe, the German army put up a valiant fight. Air cover and ground attack units of the German air force had spent many years working out their mutually supportive roles that had their origins in the Spanish Civil War. In Robert Bailey's painting, BEAR TRAP, German field artillery has surprised an advancing Russian armored column near the town of Smolensk during October 1943. Panzers clash with Russian T­34's. In the foreground, a T­34 is still racing forward, a blazing wreck. Around the perimeter of the forest clearing are dug-in German positions, firing upon the Russians. Low left, three Russian soldiers sneak up behind German tanks. In right mid-ground, another T­34 is abandoned by its crew. The shadow of the giant explosions in the background partly conceals the stalled Russian column, as troops mill around. Above the ground battle, Stukas from Schlachtgeschwader 2 (Oberst Hans Ulrich Rudel*), escorted by Focke Wulf 190's of JG­51 (Horst Petzschier), pound the Russian armor with cannon and bombs, effectively halting the advance of their foe. Near the horizon, Yak-9s swarm into th frav, and a Sturmovik spots a Ju­52 which is dropping supplies to a German unit in a nearby battle. As the Russians reel in the shock of the ambush, the Germans have resisted the charge of the Russian Bear, if only in a momentary victory.


Oscar Boesch *

Horst Petzschler

* Oberst Hans Ulrich Rudel was the sole recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds.

Oscar Boesch (left), with Horst Petzschler.

Oscar Boesch (foreground) and Horst Petzschler sign BEAR TRAP during the weekend of January 29-30, 2000.

In this photo taken on December 16, 1999, Robert Bailey is putting some of the finishing touches on the painting. BEAR TRAP was released on January 31, 2000.

Limited Edition

Print Number: RB-005-LE
Dimensions: 24x34
Price: $220.00


Special Edition

Print Number: RB-005-SE
Dimensions: 24x35
Price: $325.00


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